Daniel “DannyBoi” Hoshor is an eclectic music composer from Savannah, GA, USA. Raised on the sounds of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, and initiated into the culture of Hip-Hop, Daniel brings a unique perspective to the world of music. With a taste for the profound, he shines when given work that pushes the boundaries of the human experience. He enjoys the challenge of creative collaboration and teamwork, joining forces with like-minded individuals to create world-class films, products and audiovisual experiences.


Epic Cinematic, Ambient, Orchestral, EDM, Hip-Hop/Trap, Ethnic, Reggae Dub, Pop, Psytrance


Uncompromising dedication to quality.

Work that is…

Atmospheric, Emotion-Driven, Spiritual, Boundary-Pushing

“I was looking for my own music brand and saw Daniel ‘s offer. The joint venture with Daniel was amazing. He really listened to what I wanted and made a the perfect track for me.”

– Amber Da Silva

Spiritual Business Coach