About DannyBoi

“DannyBoi is a lot of fun to work with. While many producers of his caliber have egos that taint the experience of collaboration, Danny brings a special kind of laid back excitement to the table. If you ever have the experience to watch him craft a beat, you’ll notice a moment where he finds “that sound”. The energy in the room changes noticeably at that moment, and you understand that magic is being crafted.”

– KidSYC

Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper

“I was looking for my own music brand and saw Daniel ‘s offer. The joint venture with Daniel was amazing. He really listened to what I wanted and made a the perfect track for me.”

– Amber Da Silva

Spiritual Business Coach

“I had the extreme pleasure and privilege of working with Daniel on my feature length documentary and art exhibition, The Strangers Project. As a director, your ideal collaborator is someone whom you can speak to through artistic terms instead of having to rigorously explain everything. Daniel is that. He understands his art thoroughly and passionately and aims to give not just the best product to those he works for, but pieces that celebrate exploration through the auditory medium.”

– Susie O’Brien